The Best Bitcoin Games To Play in 2021

There are not many producers of entertainment content related to cryptocurrencies. In addition to a brief description of the gameplay, we will outline the minuses of games that users leave in reviews. I will try to pick out only the constructive/objective ones. Let’s take a closer look at The Best Bitcoin Games To Play in 2021.

Bitcoin Pop

  • Rating on Google Play – 4.6 / 5. The vast majority of positive ratings. Age: 3+. Downloads over 500 thousand.
  • Disadvantages: users write that after updates crypto game decreased the number of coins given as winnings (20-30 per level), low rewards, a lot of advertising, time limit on gameplay (12 hours), when the price of BTC, there are failures in the application.
  • Task: destroy balls until they reach the floor. For the destruction you get Bling points. The exchange of received coins is done through a Coinbase account.

Bitcoin Food Fight

  • Rated 4.6 / 5. Age restrictions: 12+. Rated by 34 thousand users, downloads – 500 + thousands. Withdrawal of funds – once a week.
  • Disadvantages: in the course of the bitcoin game payouts for the round drops from 1000-2000 points to 15-25, users, including link this with the rising rate of BTC, not profitable conversion of domestic currency in satoshi, advertising interferes with gameplay, can crash after launch (especially after the updates on March 10).
  • In the story, the player throws knives at food, cutting it into pieces. The difference from the previous one is that Bling points are awarded regardless of whether your character loses or wins.

Bitcoin Solitaire

  • Rated 4.6 / 5 out of 23 thousand reviews. An A prevails. Ages are 12+, with over half a million downloads. The manufacturer’s only card game, created in partnership with another company. Can be installed not only on phones, but also on tablets.
  • Disadvantages: the game “hangs”, again – after updating, possible failures at the end of levels, because of which the earned points are not credited; not enough profitable conversion of internal points in satoshi; a lot of advertising, with possible auto-loading (it is a security issue, pay attention!), long processing cashouts (24-48 hours).
  • The challenge: to win in the classic solitaire. It is possible to change the design of shirts. The less time spent playing and moving cards made – the bigger the reward.

FairSpin Blockchain Casino

It is also worth noting the popularity of modern crypto casinos. You can try your luck at such a site. You should start with the FairSpin blockchain casino. This is where bitcoin owners who like to gamble should start. This casino is officially licensed, fraud-proof, and will suit the taste of a lot of people. 

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