Crypto Casino trends To Watch Out in 2021

Bitcoin online casinos are the trend of 2020. The format is very likely to become the real headliner of the gambling industry in 2021. Almost all online casinos already offer each player a certain free service, various bonuses, several types of games, the ability to bet on credit, and free trial spins. The growing popularity of online casinos has already provoked an exponential surge of interest in cryptocurrencies as the main means of settlement. BTC, ETH, XRP, USDT, ADA are most often accepted at casinos, but there are also more exotic options. Let’s take a look at the top Crypto Casino trends To Watch Out in 2021.

Trends for 2021

The bitcoin online casino sphere is transforming rapidly, so it is extremely difficult to make predictions, especially for business. But we did highlight a few likely trends that showed up in 2020, keeping their influence on the future. We should probably expect new trends to form, but the underlying trends are sure to remain.

  • The rise in the popularity of mobile gaming. Players increasingly prefer smartphones/tablets instead of PCs, thanks to their increasing power and usability. In favor of this version also speaks a lot of electronic wallets for bitcoin management, as well as the reorientation of developers to mobile platforms. We are not ready to say that the players will start to leave the PC / MAC in droves, but the general vector of gambling is clear.
  • Active penetration of virtual reality technologies in real life. Most of all they are in demand in the sector of traditional games for PC / powerful consoles. However, it is noticed that the players, who have “tasted” 3D, begin to look at bitcoin online casinos, providing a similar format of presence. Will the business accept the new technology? Given the highly competitive environment and global trends, the answer to this question is likely to be positive.
  • Bitcoin online casinos. What we mean here is not the possibility of paying with BTC, but the full transfer of casinos to the cryptocurrency rails. If regulators don’t actively interfere with this innovation, the business will surely transform to “Bitcoin only” formula instead of “fiat + cryptocurrencies” scheme nowadays. Fortunately, regular casino players will be glad to have an opportunity to “go in the shadows” (bitcoin’s anonymity is much higher than traditional money).
  • The general increase in the popularity of cybersports. It is explained by the availability of powerful, inexpensive smartphones/tablets, so that players can take advantage of casinos without significant financial investment in equipment. And this applies not only to bitcoin online casinos, but also to traditional sports betting. All this will affect the gambling business in the most favorable way.

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